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Aviation Accident Lawyers

Why Did This Happen? How Did It Happen?

As personal injury attorneys at Girardi | Keese, our primary concern in any aviation accident is the human tragedy, the loss of valuable and valued lives. And we want to know why and how the accident happened.

When a helicopter, a homebuilt aircraft or a general aviation plane crashes, our lawyers begin work on the post-accident investigation. We work with experts, tear down the parts and recreate what happened in the moments before the crash. We use science and engineering to follow the clues left behind.

We are lawyers first — attorneys who care about our clients. With the help of experts, we search for clues that will explain the accident's cause. We want to know why and how the accident happened for two reasons: (1) the family and survivors need and deserve answers and compensation, and (2) understanding the cause can prevent future aviation accidents.

Girardi | Keese lawyers are called into aviation accident investigations throughout the United States and internationally. Attorneys and their clients call on us because they are aware of our extensive experience investigating aviation accidents, finding the causes, and taking the matter into court.

At the Girardi | Keese law firm, we know the right experts to call, we know the questions to ask and we know how to present a compelling case to a jury. We also know how to describe the personal devastation caused by plane crash injuries and deaths.

If you have a client or a loved one who was the victim of an aviation accident, contact us. We are available for accident investigations and litigation throughout the nation and internationally.

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